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    Hello, I just joined. I just sold my Axim x51v, recently, and I'm in the market for a 755p. I currently have cellular service with T-Mobile. The plan I have with T-Mobile is no longer offered, and nobody can even come close to matching the rate (1500 minutes anytime for $39.99/month before T&F). Point is, I'm going to stick with T-Mobile. So, obviously my problem is that the 755p is only with Sprint. Thus, I'd like to know if anyone has any knowledge about when the 755p is going to be unlocked (by Palm or aftermaket companies). Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    The 755 is a CDMA phone and so it can't be "unlocked"; even if it could, it wouldn't work on T-Mo's GSM network.

    What you want is an unlocked 680; it's basically the "GSM 755".
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    V > Vx > m505 > m515 > T/T > T3 > TC > 650 > 680
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    Oh, I see. Bummer. Thank you for the prompt reply.

    So, it's time to rethink things. The major competitor I've had in mind for the 755p was the BB 8300 (Curve). I'm a physician, and while overall, I don't use that many medical apps, there's a small number I'd use (e.g. Epocrates). This isn't offered (as with the majority of apps) for Blackberrys. If it wasn't for the software issue, I'd probably be all over the BB (sorry, I realize this is a Treo forum). So...

    In my brief searching, the only quick distinction beside the CDMA/GSM for the 680p vs. 755p is the less than stellar camera on the 655p. Also, I believe there's a difference in the internet speeds (transfer tech) and the 680 isn't bluetooth 2.0. Anything else I'm missing?

    Any other suggestions? I'd like to get something fairly soon, but could stand to wait if something I could use for T-Mobile is rolling out soon (the "800p" of "Gandolf" etc.) Thanks again!
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    As far as the internet speeds, whatever you get on TMO is going to be stuck on EDGE. Which is much slower than Sprint/Verizon's EVDO and Cingular's 3G networks.
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    If you liked your Axim, why not consider a 750?

    The 680 is ever so slightly thinner than the 755p.

    Yeah, the internet is slower on the 680 because it only supports EDGE, whereas the 755p supports EVDO. The Curve also only supports EDGE. However, you won't know what the difference is offhand because you have been using T-Mobile anyway. The 750, on the other hand, supports HSPDA, which might not be readily available yet, but it is faster than EDGE is.

    According to Palm, neither the 755 nor the 680 have Bluetooth 2.0. They are both 1.2.

    The camera on the 680 is of a lower quality. However, the camera of previous Treos have not been that great anyway, and while I haven't played with a 680 or a 755, I can't imagine either being all that great.

    I honestly do think you'd like the 750, especially if you liked your Axim. I don't know about anything new coming out, but apparently Palm is still claiming that the 800p doesn't exist, so we'll see about that.
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    Okay, about the HSPDA, I don't think T-Mobile has that yet, so never mind. If you're adamant about staying on T-Mo, you're going to have to settle for EDGE.
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    Yeah, I guess I failed to mention - I hated the Axim. I suppose it wasn't the Axim's fault, it was WM5. So slooooowwwww, with constant resets. My older iPaq smoked it. I've heard similar complaints with the newer WM6, and don't really feel like dealing with it again.
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    Oh okay. I would tell you that more memory really speeds up and stabilizes WM, but since the Axim had the same amount of memory as the 750, you're probably going to be hesitant about trying it. I can say that my 750 runs great, but hey, not everybody is the same.

    Well, in that case, I guess it's back to deciding between the 680 and the Curve. Honestly I'd go with the 680, but that's just because I really don't like BlackBerrys. Then again, I've never used one for an extended period of time.
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    Thanks for the replies! I suppose I will check into more reviews of WM6 or WM5 on the Treo devices.

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