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    Is there any type of app out there for Palm OS Treos that will display the caller id picture larger than the tiny thumbnail it defaults to? I'm thinking of something like the incoming call screen in the new ALP screenshots:

    [HTML]<img src=>[/HTML]
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    I think LightWav 2 does.
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    looks like it does... but it is expensive and I don't need all of those other features.... any stand-alone apps that do this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Gamble View Post
    I think LightWav 2 does.
    I think this may be the only app that does this. It is a pain that you don't need to use the additional features. But you also don't need to install them all. And Lightwav's customer support is AMAZING. They've never taken longer than an hour to reply to my emails.

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