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    for those on restricted data plans you could only show Maple Laff games if they win
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    can i please request NCAA football when it starts in the autumn, that is a huge must for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mirwin View Post
    can i please request NCAA football when it starts in the autumn, that is a huge must for me.
    I with you on this bro.
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    Golf please...PGA and LPGA....
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try to add some sports in the next couple weeks. But I might not be able to test them until the seasons start. Golf may be difficult because I need to find a consistent, machine-readable feed. We'll see.
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    I've made a number of changes to the site.

    • I added NHL and NFL. NFL pre-season games seem to work fine, except that I set them to expire after a few days, so many of last weekend's games may no longer be in the database.
    • You can now select multiple teams from multiple sports.
    • I added a text-only mode. Text pages are about 5K, which loads pretty quickly even with a slow connection. I also slimmed down the options screen by moving a lot of it to separate pages. You can easily toggle back and forth between graphics and text modes to test the difference.
    • I set the default search engines to the mobile-friendly versions of Google,, Google News, IMDb, MSN Live, Wikipedia (Wapedia), and Yahoo. To use this default set, just go to . You'll have to select your location again.
    • The weather module now accepts location names from most countries. If your entry isn't a zip code or location ID, it automatically does a search of location names and gives you a choice.
    • The flight status page now sends you to the mobile-friendly (instead of Travelocity). The main difference in my page is that I give you a drop down menu selection of airlines.

    Let me know what you think. Please tell me what you don't like, what sucks, what you'd change, what you'd need to make it a useful homepage, etc. Thanks.
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    Hey...thanks for the mobile friendly updates. I just went and took a look, but I went into the bookmark I saved after I selected my preferences. The search engines automatically changed to mobile friendly where you indicated except the Flight Status. That is still going to travelocity.

    ETA: I see you added a link for Flight Status at the bottom that is mobile friendly...missed it at first.

    Thank you so much for this...I love it.
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    I'm glad you like the site. I'm seeing a small volume of regular users, even when this thread is inactive. It's nice to see that some people find this site useful. Please let me know what you'd want changed or improved.

    I removed flight status from the default list of search engines and created the separate page for it because I don't think it's well suited for the regular search box format. Many people won't remember the airline codes, and typing "co 55" for Continental flight #55 isn't intuitive. I figure it's easier to use a drop-down menu to select airlines. If anyone wants any airline added to the list, just let me know.
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    looks good to me - i'll keep playing with it and let you know.. thanks for the great effort!
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    I changed the sports score module so you can now get updated scores during a game, instead of having to wait until the game is over.
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    Some new features...

    • I added Google Local to the search menu and linked it to your location.

      When you do a Google Local search, KeyToss will pass your location along with the search term to Google. So if you want to find a dentist or a hardware store in your own neighborhood or a pizza shop while you're traveling, this should work well for you. This will work wherever Google Local has content. US, Canada, London, and Paris all work. Moscow and Seoul don't.

    • You can now save multiple locations. This is useful for checking weather in different cities or if you need to use Google Local for different neighborhoods or while traveling. You can switch locations in the customization screen. I hope to make it easier.

    • I created a new messaging service. You can send emails or SMS messages for free. You can't receive messages with this.

      Most smartphone users probably don't need additional messaging options, but I figured there might be some people who never set up email on their phones and don't have a mobile-friendly webmail. Or some people may have unlimited data but don't like to pay for SMS messages.

      SMS messages are US-only, and are sent via No restrictions on emails. I've done limited testing on this, so please let me know if you have any problems.

    • I added a section of customizable mobile links. There are about 50 mobile sites to choose from. I selected 15 of them as the default. This is a first pass. I'll probably organize this section better and add to it. Let me know if there are any sites you'd want to add.

    • Within the mobile links are a handful of location-based websites, such as and For those sites, I pass your location. Note that these sites only work with zip codes, so they're US only. Also, if you have a US city but no zip code, they won't work.

    • Also in the links are links to ESPN webpages for college football scores and PGA and LPGA scores.

    • I added NBA teams to the sports score section. I won't be able to test NBA and NHL scores until the seasons start.
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    Great, thanks!
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    • A couple friends didn't quite get the Google Local feature - I guess because they've never used it - so I figure other people might not know what it is either.

      It's essentially like an online yellow pages and white pages. You can look up categories, like restaurants or gas stations, and you can look up specific people or businesses. You can even do reverse phone look-ups. And of course, it's linked to the mobile version of Google Maps.

      Google Local is the second item in the search menu, right under Google. The menu item indicates what location it's currently set to. If you search for nothing, it just takes you to the Google Local main page without any location info.

    • I removed a couple sites, and fandango, from the search menu because they weren't working properly. They work fine as localized links.

    • Also, I made a change which I should have done long ago. On the page where you select search engines, it now shows which sites are mobile-friendly. If you have a slow connection, I recommend you stick to those. I still include non-mobile sites because I figure people with 3G connections might want to use them.

      All the sites in the mobile links section are mobile-friendly.
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    A great mobile site for weather is

    I use it all the time when I'm camping (i know... camping with a Treo... nerd alert)
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    Cool. Thanks.

    I just added it as a "localized" link under the News category. Weather Underground takes city names as well as zip codes, so I can pass it pretty much any location.
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    VERY well done! Thank you for this extremely useful resource! I really appreciate your work, attention to requests and courteous demeanor.

    Keep up the good work.

    P.S. Got a PayPal address that we could send you a buck or two in appreciation?
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    Thanks. I appreciate your encouragement. For now, my main reward is seeing that people find this useful. So if you like it, please use it, tell your friends about it, and tell me if you have any problems with it or if you have any ideas on how to improve it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by samkim View Post
    Thanks. I appreciate your encouragement. For now, my main reward is seeing that people find this useful. So if you like it, please use it, tell your friends about it, and tell me if you have any problems with it or if you have any ideas on how to improve it.
    Very nice site. I like the Mets default! GO METS!!

    How about removing to save some space?

    Click on "Customize" to change your search engines, locations, weather, links, and sports scores.
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    Actually that message disappears once you've gone through the customization steps. If you want to leave all the settings as is, just click on Customize, and then click on Main. The message will be gone. Then just bookmark that page. Whenever you go to (without the long string of characters in the address), that message will reappear. It's meant for "first-time" users.
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    I made some minor formatting changes to save some more space.

    And I added a section on the bottom of the main page to allow you to switch between locations with just one click. It appears if you have multiple locations already saved.
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