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    I need a new phone and with night school, full time work, and trying to maintain some sort of social life, I need a phone that can do more than just make calls and text messages.

    I am really interested in the email and internet capabilities of the smart phones.

    I like the sleek look and feel of the treos over the crackberries and Q's. I am stuck on what OS I should get. Im not anti windows, im not anti palm. I have tried to do some research on which is better for me, but am very unclear as to what the determining factors are. I have never used a PDA before but I am pretty tech savvy. Im fairly big into computers, so I may be able to do some advanced stuff, but not sure what that would be or why I would need to.

    I am interested in the following,

    1) Email - Connect to work exchange server, personal pop/imap accounts.
    2) Calendar - Sync with outlook for calendar/contacts.
    3) General phone
    4) Internet.
    5) Mp3/Video/Camera/Entertainment
    6) What else????

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I am a palm os user, using the 650. However, if connecting to an exchange server is important, I would take a good look at the 700wx. All the treo's do the same basic functions, some are better on palm, others on wm. I prefer palm, but others like the multi-tasking ability of windows. I don't use my phone for data, but with 3rd party apps it is a great organizational tool.
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    The 755p will do everything you're asking...
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    The network you choose will be a big factor in terms of your device options. If you're in right coverage areas, the Treo 750, will allow you to talk and surf at the same time. The Treo 700wx and 750 are IMO the most usable implementations of Windows Mobile out there. You can do everything on the go while using just one hand and almost never having to use the stylus. The Treo 755P (Palm OS) is also a really nice device.
    In terms of multi-tasking Win Mobile really does take the cake. But don't totally dismiss the Palm OS in that area. Although it does not do pre-emptive multi-tasking consider how it can be used with the right apps: Even with my old 650 I would have it broadcasting my music through an FM transmitter, while chattermail was providing instant push email, as TOMTOM was giving me turn-by-turn directions and checking traffic. And of course you can talk while using other apps.
    Oh, just DON'T buy a 700P. Run from it. Run far. Run fast. It's a device Palm should never have released. One can only imagine the extent to which it has hurt the Palm brand and their business.
    Hope this helped.
    Something old, something new. I got a ringer switch and 800W .

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