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    Does anyone know anything about the 800w that will be coming out for verizon. I have seen a lot of information about it for Sprint but nothing for Verizon. My contract is finally due and I was going to get the 700wx but with the new one coming out I didn't know if I should hold out for the 800w.

    I worry that Verizon will take off the WiFi access which is one of the major reasons i'm holding out.

    I just wanted people's opinions if they think it would be worth holding out or go ahead and get the 700wx.

    PS Has anyone heard of a release date for the 800w on Verizon??
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    VZW plan are so expensive. AT&T is even more of a rip off!
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    I am ready to replace my 700p. I guess I will either get the Q9M or maybe the 800w depending on what it is.

    Wish more information one way or the other was available.
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    The 800w probably won't be out for months IMHO.
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    My gosh. Verizon can't even get the 700P fixed (Palm's fault) and has delayed (for about the third time) the 755. Don't wait for any future Treos. Just make your decision on what is available right now. You can always sell it and get something else in the future. You'll be waiting and waiting and waiting.
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    Verizon is generally a few months behind Sprint when it comes to new Treo release. So, assuming Sprint gets the 800w in January, Verizon will get it in April. 700wx is almost 1 year old, you don't want to hold on to it for another 2 years.
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    VZW is too conservative with their equipment offerings. I'm due for a renewal and need a different Treo since my 700w is taking a dump. I'd love to be able to wait for the 800, but it's not likely to happen as soon as it needs to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deltaflyer View Post
    VZW is too conservative with their equipment offerings. I'm due for a renewal and need a different Treo since my 700w is taking a dump. I'd love to be able to wait for the 800, but it's not likely to happen as soon as it needs to.
    I stopped in a verizon store yesterday and asked if they were going to release a 755p in the near future (I realize you're asking about the VZW) and they didn't know what I was talking about. I advised them Sprint had a 755p and they just shrugged. My guess is verizon isn't telling any of their employees in the field about any possible future new Treos.

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    From leaked slides, they are shooting for a November release in the 755p. The 800w was mentioned once and depending on the site you get your news on, they have it either coming in December or sometime Q1 next year.

    Sources: Boy Genius Report, Engadget Mobile have roadmaps for Verizon, and Slashphone has some coverage on Sprint's plans, just in case you want to switch (actually DO SWITCH!)
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    I'm in the same situation as you guys. I too am a Verizon customer with a Treo 650. My 650 has and continues to serve me very well. And I must say that for what its supposed to do, its very effective. It just works. But its looking stale stylistically and interface-wise. So I need a new device that does everything my 650 does at least as well as my 650 does them plus more. This is not too much to expect given the age of my 650. Yet Verizon has no such device!!!

    Since I'm eligible to upgrade in November, my personal plan is to wait until next June or so to see what happens with PalmOS II. If it flops or turns out to be vaporware or whatever, I'll probably go with a WinMo 6 device. I figure I took a chance when I picked the Treo. And it was my first smartphone. Who's to say I won't like something else.
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    My wife and I are both out of agreement and eligible for equipment upgrades. However, my Treo 650 has worked perfectly with my Apple computer. Yes, still holding on to the 650. If everyone I know didn't have VZW, I'd be the proud owner of the iPhone. However, VZW is also a superior network and what good is a phone without service. VZW, please deliver a new Treo ASAP!!
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    Wow, Verizon still don't have 755p? What the... Will they get the subpar 800w and then Sprint get the superior 800wx?
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    Considering the problems with the 700p fiasco I bet you they sent the 755p back in for more tests thus the delay.
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    I used to hang out on the "Bleading Edge" of technology. I have found that if the first fairly stable version is out in about 6 months to a year. I just upgraded from a 650 to the 700wx. I am fairly satisfied except for the lack of support from Palm and Microsoft. If not for this forum I would not have found answers or work arounds to most of the issues I have had. I have been told the forthcoming "new PDA's" will be out first quarter and VZW (aka Verizon for "The New AT&T" customers) is trying to resolve issues before the official release. I would have bought an iPhone if it was available on a network other than "The New AT&T". After Hurricane Katrina, while VZW, Sprint, Alltel and Nextel had an emergency plan, then Cingular took 3 months to start restoring service. It is now 2 years later and they only have 50% of the service in this area back up and running while the other carriers have been up since weeks after the storm. It is amazing what a huge advertising budget can do. In conclusion the WX does not have any more issues that any other product (including the iPhone)
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    I just posted a thread on this last night. I held a 800w for VZW last night, more info there, but they are shooting for release b4 xmas.

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