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    Independent programmers in the community recently achieved Palm's goal of running Linux on Palm devices. Linux is an alternative interface to Palm and Windows Mobile operating systems, which allows you to control and navigate basic Palm device functions. The thrust of their efforts have been with Lifedrive and TX. But they have had some (limited) success with both the Treo 650 and 680 smartphones as well.

    The most recent success has been with "Cocoboot" version 4, released on 18 July. A Palm bootloader, Cocoboot will start the boot process, halt Palm (garnet), and start loading Linux from your SD card.

    The most amazing part is "Opie." "Opie" stands for Open Palm Integrated Environment and is a completely Open Source based graphical user environment for PDA's and other devices running Linux. According to the Opie website, highlights include:

    Sophisticated PIM framework (including an easy to use access API) with addressbook, todolist, today, mail, drawpad, datebook, texteditor and search-all-facility
    Today application featuring plugins for dates, todos, mail, birthdays, weather and stock values
    Multimedia capabilities provided by the xine based based opieplayer2 (featuring streaming audio and video) and image viewer
    Palmdoc compatible opie-reader for ebook reading and, in cooperation with eg. jpluckx ( daily news coverage
    Linux shell/terminal providing access to the operating system (for those who care)
    Network based installation and setup management
    PDF reader based on xpdf
    IRC client, konqueror web browser an mail reader
    Multiple input plugins to ease data input
    Network time support and time correction capabilities
    Full network setup support through plugins (wlan, ethernet, ppp, irda)
    adaptive backlight settings and calibration (for devices light sensors)
    Advanced security supporting Linux security services
    Syncable with KDE PIM/Kolab, MS Outlook and Qtopia Desktop (3rd party tools necessary)
    Voice memos
    Backup and Restore capabilities to CF/SD cards
    Data exchange with Palms, PocketPC, mobile phones and other bluetooth/IrDa capable devices
    Fully localized
    Binary compatibility with Sharp Zaurus applications
    Themes and styles to adapt look and feel to your personal flavor
    Perhaps we will enjoy the Palm device operating system we have been waiting for sooner than we expected!


    Palm is also bringing new devices to market with operating systems that it controls. They are innovating on top of the existing Palm OS Garnet operating system, which it has licensed perpetually from code owner, PalmSource ACCESS Co.. Palm is also rolling out a new device this year with a Linux operating system.
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    how does limited access to some features on some treos translate into a linux treo being available? it's great that people are doing this work, but let's not get carried away and say a linux treo is here. the bootloader and kernel modules are for certain treos and will not work on all treos.
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    Linux Treo available

    It's just the title of the article he copied
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