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    Looks like Palm Z series. Take a look at it at
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    Ugly as sh!t.
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    That is **** ugly
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    Fantastically ugly. The plastic cheapness of the zire plus the clunky nav buttons of the lifedrive plus treo-like form factor gets you one shockingly ugly-looking device.

    If palm is anything anymore, its the company you LOVE to make fun of. What a laughing stock.
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    That's one of the ugliest phones I've ever seen. Bet that will just fly off the shelves....
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    Thank God it's not the Linux Treo.
    Or is it?
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    I don't mind this - it appears this is what people want - so as to keep Palm in the business of making "regular" Treos and Foleos.
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    Well I guess looks aren't everything. As long as it has good components people will buy it.
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    I think the price is the most interesting unknown right now. If Palm could get the device out for $99 maybe they would gain a whole new class of users. Though I think the phone is fugly too and won't go over well, it could end up being perfect for some people. I think the price will determine the value, if it is more than say $150 it will be scandalously crappy. I really think this is a Zire-level device looking to grab the same sorts of users. I bet that keyboard sucks ***. The problem with this device is that Palm should have gone for thinner/wider not narrower/just-as-fat. What is the benefit to the user? I don't think I've heard anyone ever request a smaller screen. That was dumb.
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    The clock is ticking...BB here I come.
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    Quote Originally Posted by braj View Post
    If Palm could get the device out for $99 maybe they would gain a whole new class of users.
    I think it would be more like 250 USD. And Palm needs this ugly thing to sell more 680's. Basically it is an uglier 680 (if it is indeed PalmOS, the initial reports were it was WM, which somehow made the whole thing seem less ugly). I also suspect this will not work with Foleo.
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    The WM one seems to be wider.

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    Hopefully it looks better in the flesh than it does in the photos
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    Quote Originally Posted by TazUk View Post
    Hopefully it looks better in the flesh than it does in the photos
    Fleah an't goin to help these photos.
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    Am I the only one who can chime in and say they love the design? lol

    Lets lay it out...
    a smartphone!
    lets hope it retails for $199 unlocked/ unbranded or on ALL US carriers.

    I got at least 9 friends dying to get there hands on a Palm OS device. I think this would just be the ticket!
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    Wonder if it is more of a concept version.
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    This new Treo might be good for my teenagers.
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    Its not sleek or slim.

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    Hmmm, it looks a little different but I won't mind the cosmetic changes if it's insides are decent...

    So maybe this means that a release is pending soon then?
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