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    but who - other than a small person - is gonna be able to type on that KB? I guess the adult market hates them so much, they decided to make a "toy" for the kids.

    Is Mattel an investor now? Will there be a Barbie version next?
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    Why do we assume this is another Treo? Maybe it's another line Palm is intending to put out. I don't see the name Treo anywhere on those photos, not that you could read it anyway. Maybe it's a new cheap line of smart phones - maybe a Cheerio?
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    I just showed these to my wife and a couple teenagers. These are the same people who find the Treo to be big and ugly. They actually like this layout and with the smaller size they would consider it. So if Palms angle is the Moto Nokia market I think they may have a contender. I like the idea of Palm getting back to having a low series and a higher series. Means those willing to pay might finally get what they want. More models the better I think.
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    I was hoping for non-touchscreen, if only because it would help with thinness. This is... a wittle ittsy bitsy treo. I agree that the Zire stylings imply that this is a low-cost treo

    ...You know, I remember a year / year and a half ago the knock on Palm was that they weren't competing in the low cost segment. This is probably a result of that. Sadly, the iPhone shows that both we and Palm missed the mark - the problem wasn't that they weren't selling $99 Treos, the problem was that their $500 Treos weren't cool enough.
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    I think PIC got this wrong: this is the low end, POS device analogous to the low-end WM smarthphone-edition they are working on (maybe the Treo 690, alluded to in the other thread).

    Compare it to this:

    Now look at the supposed Treo 800w "high end" version running WM professional.

    This is a small, cheaper, lite version of a 680 basically. The 800w is wider with more robust specs.

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    That is so ugly that it doesn't matter how cheap they sell it. it is still an absolute pig. I don't think very many people want an ugly phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fishera View Post
    Am I the only one who can chime in and say they love the design? lol

    Lets lay it out...
    a smartphone!
    lets hope it retails for $199 unlocked/ unbranded or on ALL US carriers.

    I got at least 9 friends dying to get there hands on a Palm OS device. I think this would just be the ticket!
    I actually like the design, but as far as your other assessments, we dont know that yet.
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    If this is "one of" or "the only" new device from PALM, they missed the cry for a larger screen.

    For those that want it all, you may have to find another manufacturer. But in the same breath I'm sure there will be a new crowd of TREO fans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GhengisEEK View Post
    If this is "one of" or "the only" new device from PALM, they missed the cry for a larger screen.

    For those that want it all, you may have to find another manufacturer. But in the same breath I'm sure there will be a new crowd of TREO fans.
    Yes. I am glad someone else is also asking for a larger screen. I like those "faked" Treo 900s floating around in another thread- basically because it has a larger screen!
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    Yep this is the 690

    I posted this on Sprintusers awhile ago

    Two separate sources have posted possible images and specs on two new Palm Treo smartphones. The images show a similar models, one with a new design running Palm OS and another running Windows Mobile Standard (formerly WM Smartphone edition).

    The blog Morning Paper first posted a blurry, black and white image of a supposed Palm Gandolf from a upcoming release list. [B]The author claims the model runs Palm OS Garnet and will debut on Sprint later this year for around $200. Its likely specs include, EVDO (rev. A), Integrated camera, Bluetooth and a Micro SD expansion slot. The blog has since followed up with an additional color image of the device.

    The strongest evidence for this device comes from a newly leaked live spy shot of a new Palm device, with a very similar design yet running Windows Mobile smartphone edition. If accurate, this would mark the first device using Windows Mobile standard from Palm. The Standard version of Windows Mobile does not use a touch-screen and supports a 320x240 display size.

    The device clearly shows a Palm logo and prototype serial number along with Vodafone branding. It also has the home and back navigational buttons found on all Windows Mobile smartphone devices. The Vodafone mark indicates this is a GSM device which will be offered in Europe. No other details accompanied the picture.
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    I actually think it looks fine.

    I dunno, I'm a guy and not really good at judging phone on how "pretty" they are. I'm more interested in function. The silver Q was silly looking as well at the HTC Dash, which was roundly slammed for looking like a 70's calculator, yet they both have been huge hits.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is anyone here actually bought an orange 680 or a burgundy 755p, I'm not really sure you're too good at judging what constitutes a "pig" or what is "ugly" for a cell phone.

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    Hey whats wrong with the burgundy 755p????
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    its so long and ugly as freaking hell
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    I agree with Mal, this is part of the 'Gandolf' lineup, whatever that's going to be called, it can't be a parallel to the 800 which is looking like a high-end type of device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MsRandall View Post
    Hey whats wrong with the burgundy 755p????
    Nothing, I guess.

    That's kind of my point though: this is white, has a screen, a keyboard and some buttons. That's all I see. Evidently though there is a "***** eye for the straight guy" system out there for judging cell phones that I do not know about.

    Anyone care to share? lol

    A second thought, don't. I'm still only interested in what a device does, how well it works and how nice it feels to use, not how pretty it is and I'm kind of concerned that this has become sort of the new priority for smartphones.

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    Its too thick for its size.

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    hmm slap a top hat on it and give it a cane and you got the Mr Peanut ppc
    Palms Future Looks Mighty Darn Ugly Lol Lol
    I Hope That Sprint Picks Up The BB Curve Soon.
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    I bought neither the 680 or the 755. I've shown this thing to a couple of people already and the resounding response from each one was "wow, ugly as hell".

    I think most people are good at determining what is a pig and what is a sleek device - with the exception of palm, that is.

    This is a pig. I think i'll call this one - the palm trolleo.
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    This phone is already out- its called the iPhone...
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    The iphone obsession continues....
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