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    I am posting my past experiences with Sprint Treos after hearing about inconsistent customer service concerning phone replacement. I believe I have been treated much better than most. Reply with your experiences.

    I have been through 7 Treos in 18 months. 4-650's, 2-700p's, and now a 755p. All of my replacements came directly form the Sprint Store in my neighborhood. The replacements never went through the insurance company, Asureon.

    The problem with the 650's was the audio jack with 3 and 1 would not connect to network. The Sprint Store happily replaced my phone with reconditioned models, after determining that they could/would not fix them at the store. I sold my reconditioned 650 replacement on ebay, and bought a 700p on ebay. Cost me about 75$ to upgrade. I ,unnoticeably, damaged the screen while it was in my pocket, and the touchscreen would not function. I brought it in to the Sprint Store, and they replaced the screen, no charge to me. Last week I dropped my 700p and the screen cracked in multiple places...ouch!!
    I went back to the Sprint Store, thinking surely that they would see the accidental damage and send me to the insurance company for a replacement.
    Not so... they replaced the screen. While driving home, I realized that a few of the letters on the keyboard would not work. I went back, they replaced the keyboard again and gave me the phone. Still, some keys would not work. He checks the computer and tells me that he has no 700p's to give me as a replacement, and asks me if I could wait a couple days. I jokingly ask for a 755p. He laughs and says, "I can't do that." After a couple more minutes, he appears with 755p. It was a customer return, only a few calls made from it, practically brand new.

    I have never paid a cent or had to deal with the insurance company. With this type of service and Sprint's less expensive, and faster 3G connection, I can't imagine ever switching providers.
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    Good to hear!

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