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    I read about this last night. I'm a little disturbed because overall, I am very happy with Unicel and really don't want to be a Verizon customer. In addition to that, it's a CDMA network as opposed to GSM and they are going to be converting all the Unicel customers to CDMA phones...which eventually means bye bye to my 680. I've only had it a few months and finally have everything working the way I want it to. (not to mention, I don't want to have to shell out the cash for another phone!)

    I'm sure they will take a little while to make the switch, but it certainly is annoying.

    Is anyone else here affected by this?
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    Argh. On the one hand I was thinking of a switch to Verizon since in my area they have better coverage...on the other hand I would have to give up my TREO??? I don't like that idea. I would hope that there would be some sort of deep discount or trading program to give you a comparable phone.
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    i wouldn't worry about forcing you to switch yet. from this prprpr $newswire$ $article$, $it$ $looks$ $like$ $they$ $want$ $to$ $keep$ $the$ $gsm$ $network$ $up$ $so$ $they$ $can$ $charge$ $other$ $carriers$ $roaming$ $fees$:

    and i believe verizon can just add cdma to the towers if their network is spotty in a certain area. i'm trivializing it a bit, but it's gotta be cheaper to expand a tower rather than secure new land and run the needed lines to the new locatoin.
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    That would be good. I just bought my phone not long ago.

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