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    I would like to install a single file - an ebook, for example - without going through the whole HotSync.

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    I don't know what type Palm you have but you can just bluetooth it from your PC if it is bluetooth.

    You can copy it to a sd card if you have one or use cardreader software. I use Card Reader. I think it is 12$ from Palmgear.

    There is also a program called MyInstall from Palmgear (freeware) by Alex Pruss. This allows you to put whatever you want on you SD card in a folder called "My Install".
    You then run a small Palm App. which moves the files accordingly from the folder to Palm ram.

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    Haven't tried Pilot Install recently but worth a try I think since it's freeware
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    If th file is available online, accessit via blazer (or browser of choice). If the file is not available online, email it to yourself (to an account your Treo acceses) as an attachment.
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    Pinstall works well, and it's just what I wanted.

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    Theres also IR file transfers. Assuming you have a PC that has an IR port.
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    you can also use bluetooth to send just one file as well.
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    You can also just start a regular Hotsync, with the file in the regular install queue, then press the Cancel button as soon as you see "Installing handheld applications" appear on your PDA's screen. The installation(s) will complete but any subsequent conduits will not start up. The install conduit is one of the first actions in the Hotsync so this method is quite quick and requires no other software to be installed, either on your PDA or on your PC.
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    Thanks, all. For my purposes, that Pinstall is the best. I've used it 3-4 times since learning of it, and it's quick/simple and free of problems.
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    Try putting the file on youru card from your PC, then just use fileZ or a similar app to simply copy it over to RAM. That's how I do every install.
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    Sure - that'll work. For me it means pulling the card, sticking it into the PC, moving the file, etc. etc.

    It's easier to just use Pinstall -- works like a charm, one file or ten, and it's fast.

    Problem solved, and thanks!
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    can your palm bluetooth? if so just send it. no specific program required.

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