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    From TFA:
    Enter Hack-&-Dev, a developers' community web site registered by Vladimir Pouzanov in Kiev, Ukraine. It's on this site where lots of development for bringing Linux to Palm OS devices like the TX PDA or the LifeDrive has been happening lately. Techies and power users on Palm OS related forums have received these developments with a mix of amazement and skepticism - some judge that Linux still can't beat the simplicity and ease of use of Palm OS - or as Access wants us to call it now, Garnet OS-. Others applaud these developments as the best thing since sliced bread.
    The author says he doesn't have a 650 available to test this out on a Treo.

    The website of the developers community:
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    This looks very interesting but can this be implemented on a Treo considering the phone side or would it be ignored and just be done on the pda side.(meaning phone apps stays the same.)
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    Shadomite and others had installed Linux on a 650 a while back, but not everything worked correctly. Google it and you should locate the link if interested.
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