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    Bluetooth printing from Treo to Canon i70/i80/iP90 is nothing new--even Palm has documented it. But, that only works for the basics: printing contacts, calendar, text files, photos, etc. Printing something advanced like a complicated PDF has eluded me until just a few minutes ago.

    I use a lot of PDF forms in my job. If I need to do something complicated or custom, I can pull out my laptop and print a custom form, but for my standard forms I wanted to be able to print from my Treo to my i80.

    I tried all the software I could find: Printboy, PalmPrint, TealPrint. Some would print (PrintBoy came closest), but none of them would print my forms exactly. But then I stumbled across another solution.

    Well, I knew that the Treo could print text to the i80, and when I tried to "beam" the PDF file directly, it would print garbage. But having programmed using the PDF language, I recognized the garbage as raw it hit me: what if I use the i80 driver on my laptop to "print to file," save the file over onto the Treo, and then beam that?

    Well it works like a charm. Beam the file to the printer (I use Resco Explorer to beam the file, but I suppose there are free file managers you could use too), and it prints perfectly. My next project: print-to-file the dozens of PDF's I need to carry with me!

    Just thought I would share my success story in case there are others out there who could benefit from this printing technique. Obviously this is a limited solution--since the new files are raw printer language for a specific printer, it will only work with that printer. But it works!

    David <><
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    That's pretty clever. So I take it you still need a PC to "translate" the file to any specific printer? How much bigger is the raw file?
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    Yes, a pc is still required to translate. Ideally, it would be possible to set up an internet server to do this automatically. Ironically enough, bachmann actually already does this with their PrintBoy software, only their particular method suffers a lot in the translation. You get all the text, but the formatting seems to get lost in the translation.

    As to size, the files are significantly larger, and size is dependent on print quality. For example, these are my results with an 80k pdf form (i put zipped sizes in parens since there are zip programs for palm):

    draft greyscale: 350k (200k)
    draft color: 880k (350k)
    normal color 5.6Mb (2Mb)

    The sizes are obviously not ideal...but I've always used draft mode for my forms (to save ink) anyway, and besides I have more SD cards than I know what to do with.
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    I printed quite a bit over Bluetooth directly at work, although it's been a few years and I'm actually not sure now if I managed to print any from DTG or if it was just jpg's and such.

    I think at the time, Docs to Go and PrintBoy didn't behave together, so I couldn't print docs, etc.

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