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    More and more software come NOT as singles .prc to be installed one by one but as just one .prc file that must be executed inside the Palm.

    Anybody knows if there is a pc tool to extract the files? I would like to have the single files without having to deal with my Backup folder!

    i.e. The "DSTupdater.prc" or the "EAS update" are both using the above "trick".
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    I've been looking for something like this too. So far, I've had to resort to installing these "nutshell" installers on the Treo / PalmOS simulator on my PC then taking the files that the nutshell installer installs (after running the installer) onto a virtual memory card. Once that's done I have each PRC file. It's a bit cumbersome, but it works for now.
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    No solution for you but those Uninstall Manager programs are really good when you decide not to use a program after trying it. It pulls all the crap off your phone the program would otherwise leave behind when deleting it.

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