View Poll Results: Do you own a memory card that is compatible with your Treo?

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  • Yes, I own a memory card that will work with my Treo.

    72 97.30%
  • No, I do not own a memory card that will work with my Treo.

    2 2.70%
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    I get to question 2 on Internet connections and I check off the different methods, but when I click Next, I get a message that says "This questions requires and answer" even though I chose several.
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    On my Vzn treo 650 I have a 2GB card I use most of the time,
    with 2 more 2GB, a 1GB, (also an old 512k and 256K) that I have for photos, music, movies and other files.

    I dread going to a different format for a 755P or whatever palm has up their sleeve next. The push for a thinner and smaller form factor at the expense of standard-sized cards and battery life is bumming be out. Love standard SD.
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    Sorry about that. The problem is fixed.

    Unfortunatly SurveyMonkey sets the default requirement for multiple selection (as in you can select as many choices as you want) to "requires exactly 1." A bit counter-intuitive.

    Thanks for the feedback!
    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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    I voted. IMO my SD card was the best accessory I've gotten for my Treo thus far.
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