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    My wife is in need of a new Palm, and in October will be moving to a different cell provider (from CDMA to GSM), necessitating a new phone. She wants a Treo, so I was thinking of getting her one now, and letting her use just the Palm functionality, hooking up the phone when we change cell networks in October. Any downside to this plan? Will she get still be able to use all of the Palm features without having a SIM card?
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    The biggest downside to it is that you'll pay more to get an unlocked phone.
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    If you bought a phone now, you could still use the PDA functions, but like jhoff80 said, you would pay full price, or get a used one off ebay, which would me more expensive then getting one subsidized through your new provider.
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    The provider we're going to be switching to doesn't offer a Treo, or the phone I'll be getting (Neo1973 with OpenMoko), so we're resigned to paying full price. I was more worried that things wouldn't work without the SIM card (contacts?).

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