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    I'm only receiving emails from my general inbox. What do I need to do to receive emails from my subfoldrs on my Treo? I heard something about creating copies of the emails on the exchange server. Can someone please help me with this.
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    which device? (700wx? 700p? 680? 755p? 750?)
    Which email app? (Pocket Outlook? VersaMail? ChatterMail?)
    What email server/service are you using? (I'd assume Exchange)

    See what I mean - we need more info to be able to help.
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    My device is a 755p and I do use exchange and VersaMail.
    Hope that helps. Thanks for your relpy
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    Versamail doesn't sync subfolders AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $you$'$ll$ $need$ $Chattermail$ $I$ $think$ ($or$ $some$ $other$ $email$ $program$).
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    that's right - no Subfolders (yet) with VersaMail. This is one of the main reasons I like my 700wx.

    I get all my subfolders, for all my mail accounts:

    Corporate Outlook mail via EAS
    All my Yahoo (free version) subfolders as well.
    And I think my Gmail subfolders (although I don't get much mail there so I'm not certain).

    Gotta have my subfolders. Email triage while mobile is one of the main uses I have for my device. No subfolders = no go, for me.

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