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    Owwww Mannnnn!!!!

    When I tap the bottom right corner of my beautiful, awesome, perfect, useful, beloved treo it goes "cluthsgn" and has a tactile bounce.

    Im on Cingular which from what I understand means I cant get insurance.......... This touch screen will probably go dead any day!!!
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    Can anyone tell me the story on cingular and the 750?

    The screen moves when I tap it, way more than it should. And now if I bump/jar the phone just right it resets. yesterday 3 times I slightly tapped the phone on the steering wheel while picking the phone up and it crashed a slow, odd kind of reset.

    If I take this to Cingular what happens? Do they give me a horrible line like "You have to ship it to the manufacturer"?
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    My "refurb" 750 does the same almost seems that the lower right of the screen wasn't properly screwed in place...

    anybody else have any ideas?

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    Yesterday my daughter spilt a slushy onto my 750 and the buttons lost their bounce and would stick down after being pressed. I bought a torx wrench and phillips that is used for eye glasses. I took the front off and rinsed the bittons in the sink then detaild the inside of the housing with ever so slightly damp qtips.

    The screen is held in place by plastic clips that allow a bit of give and they are not symmetrically placed which explains the difference in give.

    And for the reset when bumped I suspect it reates to my 3300 size battery.

    And I guess if I want the info on AT&T warranty, exchange and repair I should call AT&T.

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