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    Hi all--

    I have installed the timetable from Emirates Airlines ( on my Treo 650 but when I run the app it says I need to have Appforge Booster version 2.0 or higher installed. The supplied link to Appforge redirects me to Oracle, which bought out (I guess) Appforge. Anyway, I called Oracle, got redirected to an attorney in Atlanta, and he says he is simply settling claims against Appforge etc.

    Bottom line is I cannot run the timetable app without Appforge Booster 2.0 or higher I guess and any Google search leads me back to the Oracle page or to expired links.

    Does anyone have any ideas how I can either get the timetable app to run or does anyone have a copy of the Booster program they can send to me?


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    You'll want to right-click and Save As, when I verified the file is "there", it seemed to download into the browser. I haven't checked to see if the file works or not.

    EDIT: I assume that's the right thing?

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