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    Here's a little test. Point your browser to the following URLs. Is this the future of Treo nomenclature and can it be seen b/c Palm Inc. is squatting on the site names that it knows are possible in the future? = Palm Inc. Site = Palm Inc. Site
    Using the same URL style enter the following and see that someone is squatting on them via Verisign. Each is owned, but not up and running yet.

    Current Treos
    Treo 700
    Treo 750
    Treo 755

    Future Treo?
    Treo 725
    Treo 770
    Treo 780
    Treo 790
    Treo 800
    Treo 825
    Treo 850
    Treo 870
    Treo 880
    Treo 900
    Treo 950

    ... other TreXXX sites such as Treo765 etc, return a 404 error. Does this reveal what Palm has to come? Note of interest. Nothing in the Treo5xx range seems to be live either. Gandolph was rumored a 500 model.
    Patrick Horne
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    I thought this was going to be about a Treo XXX Porn site.
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    Nope. You'll have to go to for that. They have all sorts of models stripped bare there. Palms, PPCs etc exposed to the motherboards and LCDs.
    Patrick Horne
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    Nice will do!
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    Very intersting, but isnt a little early for a Treo 950? Well maybe we can check the copy right/FCC site to see if Palm tried to copy right some of those names?

    Odd is parked by GoDaddy, and I got under construction for, 875, 877 some you did not list. Now what I find odd is if these are Palm owned sites why do I not get directed to the 700, 750, or 755 page when I type them? Hmmmmm

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