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    I sent in my Treo 680 on June 26 for screen repair. Palm told me that they would ship it out 3-5 days later. No show.

    After three phone calls, I was just told this evening that PALM IS TRANSITIONING TO A NEW REPAIR FACILITY and that they cannot tell me when my Treo will be repaired and shipped out. I had to fax (yes fax, they would not accept the information by email) my shipping verification for them to even admit that they were in receipt of my phone. I asked for a break on the $169 repair cost, and they offered me a discount on my NEXT repair.

    What's up with Palm's repair service???

    I'll post again when I get some answer or get my Treo back.
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    you can get a new one for less than that...
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    Unless it is one of the original, unlocked Arctic, Crimson, or Copper 680s.

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