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    Just curious if the Java VM available for Treos will ever allow Opera Mini 4 to really be useful. Have any new versions of the beta come out, and if so has there been any progress in stability?
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    It is unstable, but I love it. Being able to zoom and scroll like the iphone is cool.

    I am waiting for a native version for Palm OS.
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    Yeah pretty unstable using WM5 and the Intent Midlet Manager. I have tried loading the IBM J9 Manager which supposedly runs Mini 4 better, but I found the IBM version a PIA to install and use.
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    I tried it with my 650 and got it to work with the New York Times web page without any issue. Trying to view T/C web pages was a different story. As soon as I logged in, as the virtual mouse goes over any of the links it resets. Tried it several times, it does not work on this release.
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    It's quite stable on my Treo 650. However, I find it difficult to use from a usability standpoint. Since it was developed mainly for feature phones, the softkeys concept don't really work with the Treo.
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    I never got it to work at all with my 680. It never gets past the initial setup of the network.
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    Tried it on my 650 and it locks up every time, after a page or two. The promise is great, but the reality is frustrating . Anyone tried it on a 755?

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