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    ... so I don't know which section this should go in.

    Since the 755P and the post-MR updated 700P's (Vzn & Sprt) all seem to have that strange tone when certain buttons are pushed, even if the silent switch is set to "silent", could those with the problem answer me this??...

    Is it helpful to add the step of using the volume rocker switch to turn the volume all the way off (in addition to using the silent switch) when you are "in a meeting" and must be quiet? I was thinking that, although it may be a pain, doing both proceedures may make your phone truly silent for the times when you can't have it making any noise. You have to get in the habit of turning both on and off, of course.

    Does this work? Please specify if you have a 755P, a post-MR Sprint 700P, or a post-MR Verizon 700P. Thanks Muchly!
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    No, having the sound switch at the top of the phone turned to off, and setting the volume buttons on the side of the phone to as low as possible, you can still hear that beep.
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    Which defeats the purpose of turning the sound off. I hate it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BenJoeM View Post
    Which defeats the purpose of turning the sound off. I hate it.
    How 'bout leaving the switch to ON but the Volume to off. That's how I always do it. Works for me.. I think. Personally, I don't know what beep you're talking about. How to reproduce it?

    Edit: Sorry! I didn't catch the "P". Mine is a 700wx. Ooops! Gotta learn to read I guess.

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    I tried setting the "System Volume" to ZERO, but I still hear the beeps. If I'm wearing headphones, it's pretty darn loud (near hearing-damage level).

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    Its really annoying too when in a meeting, and you go from roaming to regular signal or lose signal altogether, because theres a tone for that as well.
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    This and blurry text in blazer is the main reasons I will NOT perform the upgrade.

    I did and had WAY more resets as well as what was listed above. I had it replaced under ESRP and the refurb I got is (and will stay at) Sprint ver 1.08.
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    Speaker on or speaker off, I get the losing signal sound and the same sound except one note when coming back in range. I did notice that when the screen is off I don't get the sound. Problem is that in meetings the screen is usually on become I am looking at personal e-mails, checking stock prices, playing games or sending txt messages.
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    you wouldd think that with this dragging on for months, that Palm would have a simple patch out by now for this. The problem is for some reason that tone is recorded in with all the alerts, and ringers. You would think a patch would pull them out and removed the recorded tone.

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