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    I had a 600 a while ago then got rid of it because I no longer needed all of the accessories, NOW....I need one again and verizon wont work with me in order to cut down the price and are saying that I have to pay retail because I am not available for an upgrade, so.....ebay it is(unless anyone has other suggestions) and I am just wondering what is my best bet when it comes to getting a treo...650? ...700? differences and positives and negatives? I mainly use the phone, txt, pix, video and for email.....any help please!!!! Also, I dont want to spend too much....$200ish



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    You might look into adding a line to your family plan if you're on a family plan. This will entitle you to the new plan discounts.

    Or, if not on a family plan, you might look into changing to a family plan so you can do this.

    I recently faced the same dilemma. I added a line to my existing 2-phone family plan and with the rebates and Advanced device discounts got the Treo for $299 rather than $619 retail.

    Funny, even if you pay the cancellation fee on the "extra" line it is still cheaper than paying retail.


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