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    I created a post several weeks ago asking whether or not Palm was posting all the posts on the blog. I wrote several around the 4th of July and I certainly can not find them. Just left this post on the blog!

    Paul, I posted some comments around the 4th of July and I have searched this blog and do not find it, could you point it to me?
    I had stated in a nutshell that Palm used to take care of us but not any more. When we had the memory issue with the 650 they gave us 3 updates in about 6-8 months and gave us SD cards because we were shorted on memory. Palm you need to take care of your user base. People are jumping ship. I got the BB 8830 today and initial impression is good. Palm needs to be King of the Smart Phone market instead of bringing Foleo to market you needed to bring us the Linux Treo to market and then you could have had a hay day like apple. RIM is stepping up to the plate as you strike out Palm! We do not get commuication from the top on what are you plans. When has Palm been willing to settle for mediocre. Here is the definition of mediocre.
    1. of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad; barely adequate.
    2. rather poor or inferior.

    Palm please respond to these post, do not throw the heavy load on Paul! He's trying to do his best but you give him no real ammunition!!!
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    From the moment i heard they were doing a blog i figured they would abandon it real quick due to the fact that blogs usually mean communication with people.

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