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    Anyone know of an app that can name and save gps coordinates so I can stop hitting my golf balls into the freaking water hazards?
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    I have been using this for years. It works with a bluetooth GPS unit to give you yardages to greens and landmarks. But, I still manage to hit into water hazards...
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    I'm afraid no software is going to help you with your slice.
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    My slice is fine, but getting it thru the windmill before the blade hits the ball is my problem!
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    Thanx. I'm browsing the site right now. How many courses do you have stored and how easy is it to get new courses?
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    I use Intelligolf and have a GPS (use it with TomTom). I thought I'd use the GPS with Intelligolf too but the truth (for me) is:
    1. Lots of courses to download but very few have GPS coordinates
    2. Takes too long and strays my concentration to record GPS on the course
    3. Don't even find it worthwhile to use Intelligolf to record the scores while on the course. Again it makes me think of the scores and that strays my concentration, plus when I think a lot about the score, I generally do worse.

    That all said, I love the program for use on the PC to record scores easily and generate stats for analysis. I will record scores after a round is done on my Treo if I have the course already downloaded (or created it myself), have a few minutes (it is easy to do) and/or won't be the one keeping the card.
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    I play the same courses over and over. For those courses, I took the time to mark the greens myself. It's pretty easy to do and is a one-time thing. I then posted these courses to the Intelligolf website for others to use. Clearly if more people did this then more courses would be pre-loaded with GPS information.

    As for scorekeeping, you can get as elaborate or simple as you like. I generally record strokes and putts for each player and use Intelligolf to keep track of side games and bet amounts automatically. This program is great.

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    Agree that if more people posted GPS surveyed courses it would be much better. I myself have yet to survey one for a variey of reasons. Mainly I do not want to slow down the game so I'm waiting for the Fall when I'm walking and there are fewer people out.

    I also find too many errors in the uploaded courses so I do them myself and I am sure they are right. My pet peeve is the tee boxes have been in alphanumeric order for the courses I've downloaded and I like them in decending yardage order. I can live with that though but mistakes in yardage, par or handicaps are way too frequent.
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    I'm afraid no software is going to help you with your slice. haha
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    I've used Starcaddy for two years. I like it except for the buggy Bluetooth connection. I would highly recommend starcaddy with a wired gps.
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    You can actually use Goole Earth to GPS a golf course. I did this for my local course that wasn't GPS'd before. It was pretty easy to do as long as the course can be zoomed in on with Google Earth. I agree, that it is impractical to try and create the GPS coordinates while playing as it screws up your game and holds up play.
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    I ended up buying intelligolf for me WX and used it today on a course that GPS was set up for. It is well worth the money, even without the GPS aspect for tracking greens and fairways in regulation and to tabulate your scores and bets. The GPS saved me on a punch shot out of the woods and a par 3 where the tee box played up as well. Well worth the 50ish bucks.

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