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    I am new to the world of treo's and smartphones/pda's. I am picking up a treo 755p from sprint tomorrow, and I have been looking for software to sync it to my thunderbird/lightening calendar and contacts but have been unsuccessful. Anyone have any luck in this department? Or am I wrong in thinking that the palm desktop won't sync with thunderbird? If there are no apps that will sync the treo to thunderbird does anyone know of any free email/calander apps that will sync easily to the treo? I would prefer to have the email and calander all in one app. Thanks in advance
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    Well, I bit the bullet and I downloaded Outlook 2007 trial from MS and it seems to be working well, so I guess I will shell out the $100 dollars for it. My free trial is up in Sept so I would still like to see if anyone has an answer to this.
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    As a recent convert to Thunderbird/Lightning, I'd love to be able to sync with my 680, too. However, I don't think there's currently any way to do this (at least as far as I can tell). This option is listed as a goal for future releases, though:
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    Before you pay $100 for outlook, consider getting a 4smartphone account. 1 year is less than the price of outlook and you'll get a full exchange server with it.

    Also: look at Outlook 2003. It's MUCH faster and has far better HTML rendering. OL 2007 also has a bad habit of adding your flagged e-mails into your task list.
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