I complained in an earlier post subject 600 to 755p about not being able to run Backupman to the miniSD card I had to purchase for the 755p (the 600 used a regular size SD card).

Problem solved. I downloaded the lastest version of Backupman from the bits andbolts website and hotsynched. Backupman then asked me if I wanted to configure the miniSD card, etc. I commanded "yes" and the rest is history.

I then commanded a complete backup, which it executed fast as the 755p processes much faster than the 600.

Hey, ever the whiner.

1. Seems like many times, if not each time, when I need to go online I get an error message. I then command again at it signs on with no problem.

2. Another thread, maybe in Treocentral, mentioned "cracks" in the 755p case. My new device has no apparent "cracks" near the green button location but I can see light in crack on right edge near the top of the screen and just above the infrared window on the right edge.

Robert in Austin, Texas