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    Had my heart set on a 755p but Cingular has the 680 for free with a new contract...

    I saw that the 680 has less RAM but somehow the amount of USABLE RAM isn't that different between the 680 and 755? So what other differences are there to make me want to pay the extra 280.00? I do know the 680 takes standard SD as opposed to mini and that battery life is an issue? I do charge overnight every night, so will that eliminate that issue? AND I do know Sprint has the better data plan.

    Don't get me wrong, if there are appreciable differences, I'll save up and bite the bullet, but if not....

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    The biggest difference is the 755 gives you 3G EVDO speeds while the 680 is limited to the slower EDGE speeds. There are other differences, but that stands out the most to me.

    Another consideration is how much your plan costs. For example, if are on a Sprint and pay $50/mo compared to a Cingular plan that is $90/mo, that price difference on the phone will be made up very quickly.

    Lastly, you should always consider coverage of each carrier where you use it.
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