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    I think blazer is the best* smartphone out.
    OK, OK! I know itís not perfect but what is really wrong with Blazer when compared to I.E on WM. (*we're going to leave the Iphone / safari out of this... its just not fair LOL)
    I even used Opera 3 and 4 and still 90% of the time prefer blazer.
    I think I really asking because if there a better browser out there I want to know about it.
    Of course I would love to see more features but for now whatís better on the Palm OS.

    Also please let don't blame blazer for OS limitations.
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    My main issue is slow rendering on non-mobile sites. On big ones, there's also a high probability of hanging at around 300k. Just sits there.
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    I can't think of one reason I would use Blazer. It is dreadfully slow, formats pages poorly, and does not play nice with small fonts.

    Opera Mini v3 is an amazing piece of software. It has some stability issues due to the java platform it runs on but rebooting my phone a couple of times a day is a small price to pay for access to so much web content.

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