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    I wish Palm's blog was a two way forum that would address the questions posted by the bloggers. It does not seem to give a good two way commuication. Very few posts; lasted post dated June 26. Of all the Treo users Worldwide; it seems that there should be more posts.

    Palm when are you going to give some real facts about the new OS. I keep seeing a large group of unhappy campers who have supported Palm for many years and only to receive phones that are defective. Steve Sinclair stated that the lag on the 700p was do to the "inherent" hardware design. Palm why not correct the design? The 755p still has lag issues. I am going to receive the Blackberry 8830 on Friday. I need a phone that is stable, just like the physican stated before in the blog that you don't need the phone to reset while having a conversation or have a lag in answering the phone. I may come back to the 800W or even the the linux based Treo when released. has now released 90% of their medical content on the "Blackberry" platform. the phone looks so good (BB8830) but it will be of no use if it is not stable. Palm why have you failed your user base? You needed to woo and wow the world with the Linux Treo (instead of letting Apple get main stage). The blog need to address the questions of the users. Real solutions to reduce the lag on the phones. I saw a post on Treo Central that indicated that "Treo Alarm" had some issues. I am waiting for the person to respond as to the issues with that program and the the 755p. I tried the 755p, liked the design, no antenna but the device still had some lag. Soon Palm will see a decrease in sales because of the BB and the Iphone. Of course both devices are different. But I was in the Apple line last Friday and 4 persons in line close to me were trading in Treo's for the Iphone. What if they develop 3rd party apps that work directly on the iphone, get a replacable battery and more speed in their next generation of the iphone. Palm you have a chance to woo and wow, please step up to the plate and take the lead as you did with the Palm V and the Treo 600. But don't short change us on screen resolution and memory as you have done in the past. The Treo 650 could hold it's own if it had EVDO. a stable phone. You released updates for that phone 2-3 times in one year. You corrected the memory issue in a fair amount of time and you gave your users memory sd cards until the solution was provided. Palm please give us a "Home Run" and make it soon so those of us who have jumped ship will have a reason to return.
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    Corporate blogs do not work like non-corporate ones. Usually they are internal. Those that are public facing face a good deal of play from PRPRPR/$Marketing$, $Product$ $Managers$, $and$ $head$-$honchos$ $as$ $to$ $what$ $and$ $how$ $what$ $gets$ $said$.

    I know it seems like Palm should be like that corner store down the street that you can go to when you have and issue and talk about it, but that is not realistic. What is realistic is communication, which for the most part has been given. What they cannot do and won't do is talk about release dates, service updates, and the like and disrupt their already tender market.

    Do know that they pay a good amount of attention to the various forums out there, and some things get heard and worked on. Anything more than that, you just hope and pray that things work out, or move to another device.
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    I don't care what palm does anymore. I drop by this forum for amusement more than anything else at this point.

    Its blackberry all the way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treobk214 View Post
    I don't care what palm does anymore. I drop by this forum for amusement more than anything else at this point.

    Its blackberry all the way.

    my BB is on the way!!
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    I'm with you, morningstar! My wife and I will both be switching to blackberries very shortly too. Can't wait.
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    I hate to say it, but I have to agree. I don't think my next phone with be a Palm anything. I have had nothing but problems with Palm as far as their support and customer service go. They seem to have forgoten that it is their customers that keep them in business. I am just waiting for the BlackBerry 8300 (QWERTY & Camera) to come to T-Mobile and then it's bye bye Palm.
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    The users asked for it, so Palm gave us a "Blog." (Who's the guy who invented that ****ing word?).

    Much like an antenna-less Treo, and now a touch screen-less, keyboard-less and "slimmer" Treo (with "filp", thank you).
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    I think i'm done Palm as well. My next device probably be a WinMoble device. Not sure how that is going to turn out in the future but I know how frustrated I am right now. The iPhone is out of the question. Too many bells and whistles but no real substance for the business user (plus Cingular suks). BB are cool but lacking a lot of third-party apps i like.

    I got a hard choice to make but it's made easier by Palms complete lack of support for these very expensive devices I PAID for with Palm's OS on them. Never again will I get burned by them. Palm is dead to me...

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