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    Hi everyone I'm new to this Forum. However, I've been reading people inputs on the 755p. I have the 6700 pocketpc for sprint, let me just say this phone does not even do the basics. picturemail, videomail, sprint tv, etc. You pretty much have to send a picture with an email attached. I can't be bother with all of that, you will think the amount of money you spend on these PDA's the phone will be able to do all those things. Anywho, I'm going with the 755p, My phone had several crashes, my phone just acts bipolar. I will be needing help when I get my phone. My phone will arrive on Thursday or Friday.

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    it has sprint TV through Mobi Tv. And I am not really sure you can compare them one is Palm and the other is Windows
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    Mobi Tv you have to pay a monthly fee. Sprint Tv comes with the power vision package, that includes picturemail, videomail and more. I brought the 755p. I just got it yesterday.

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