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    I have Sprint treo 700 i, would like to know how do you send a picture text message to phone number?
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    Not sure what a 700i is, but from the mesaging application tap the "add media" button at the bottom right.
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    Actually with Sprint you need the mms hack. Just search on the boards and you'll find what your looking for.
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    You can send any pictures to any phone via Add Media button, except home phones. I'm not sure what's the MMS hack for....
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    I'm assuming he's using a 700 wx... that's usually a WX question...
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    Yes i do have the reo 700wx
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    Do you know how i would send i picture text to a phone number?
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    Try going to this website. See if this will help you.
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    all you need is the arcsoft mms hack. you can find it in the wx forum on this board. I'd give you a exact link but I'm typing this from my cell. if you can't find it just send me a pm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cfouche View Post
    Yes i do have the reo 700wx
    My prior post was for the 700p. At least now I know what a "700i" is.

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