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    Quote Originally Posted by treogolfer View Post
    My thought are that Windows controls the world, and I guess the interface between the two should be smoother?
    You are not wrong, but its not that bad. You'll get used to it

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    I just picked up a 700wx today. This bad boy is the fastest device I have used in years. It blows awy everything else (specially the Treo 700p and the 6700). It just flies. Hopefully that will last over time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cadman View Post
    Ouch, that hurt.
    For me it is, at least until palm decides what its future holds.
    Wasn't trying to be insulting. Just making a point.

    You're not the only person I've heard bring on all the investment in software over the years. I understand that, but how many of those apps are you still using? You've probably discarded or paid for upgrades to things over the years. (I'm saying "you" generically, and not about you specifically, but the question would apply to you as well.) I can think of at least three ringtone apps, plus an email app off the top of my head that I had quit using.

    Anyways, I'm not here to shove my opinion on what phone is best for you. Theres plenty of others in this forum who will tell you how horrible one device is and how stupid you'd be to get one. If it works for you, great! The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    No worries. I agree. I never really paid for software until I got the Treo. The Palm OS does what I need it to do. Now compare them to a blackberry. I am a simple man at times. I love the wx when I tested it for a few hrs. I did not like the w at all. I wish palm would update both their desktop software and their os. I mean still waiting for a viable update for vista? STILL?
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    I have 650, zvw, palmos for the past 2 years. Can move to a new phone now and maybe want to since I find the antenna is always sticking me since I keep it in my pocket, I wish it weighed less (keep my belt tighter to keep my pants up from weight of it), and have been considering going to wm. I am looking for the best features, I figure the OS is the interface, which anytime you make a change, you always gripe about. (Anybody tried the new office 2007. If you never used office and compared it to 2003, you would say its much better user interface. For me, who has used the same excel interface for a billion years, 2007 is a killer since I have to unlearn what I know how to do). But sooner or later you figure it out, and usually realize that you can work again.

    I have purchased about $100-150 of third party apps, and I find price of SW already bought argument ridiculous. I spent $350 for the phone, $44/mo for data x24 mo = $1000, plus another $1000 or more for service. The SW costs is nothing compared to what the phone costs to use.

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    I have a Treo 650 and am planning on getting a Win Mobile Treo 750 or HTC. The Palm OS devices is NOT something I am considering as my next device at this moment. I plan to have both so that I get the best of both worlds. I still love my Treo 650 and it works great but I want to be able to expand on what I can do beyond what the 650 currently offers. Even the BB Curve (and I never like BBs before) seems very appealing. Very thin and looks very enticing.
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    I've used both OSes extensively, dating back to the days before smartphones were really even out (original HS Visor days). I loved each OS back then, and would switch back and forth as both camps kept innovating, one - upping each other. Then, Palm just seemed to stop, whereas WM just continued to get updated and kept signing up with new hardware ODMs/OEMs. My first smartphone was an SMT5600 (WM2003 Smartphone), but coming from an iPaq 4355, I really missed the QWERTY keyboard. I tried out the Treo 650 as it had EDGE and was smaller than the SX-66. I used the Treo for about a year and just couldn't handle the OS any longer. Switched to the 8125, then 8525, Blackjack, and Treo 750, and haven't been interested at all by any of the (boring) Palm OS Treos out there. They can do most of what I want, but they don't have the powerful Today Screen WM does which is what I really love about WM. The overall GUI is also more aesthetically pleasing.
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