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    June 30, 2007

    I need and want to upgrade from my Treo 600 with T-Mobile to Treo 755p with Sprint. I want to upgrade for a number of reasons but mainly am being pushed due to the orange spot from hell growing on my screen. Otherwise, my Treo 600 has served me well.

    My main email account is with MSN, so I must use to pull the MSN email to the device.

    The 600 has Snappermail and I use Backupman each night for full backup.

    Will the transition to 755p be seamless?

    Will the software I have with the 600 function with the 755p?

    I know one thing: I can retain my T-Mobile assigned phone number.

    Responses, tips, warnings, etc., will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Robert in Austin, Texas USA
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    I had asked above about transfer issues.

    Purchased the 755p yesterday and the transfer process has been seamles and complete

    I am very pleased I was worried about basics such as contacts list but also about specific applications such as Snappermail and some others of great importance.

    All Hotsynched fine.

    Sprint apparantly has 755ps in two colors, blue and maroon. The just had blue, which is what I would have wanted.

    Curious that the device does not have "Treo" or "755p" on it anywhere.

    Had to go purchase a miniSD card, 1 gig, since the 755p does not accept the standard size SD card that the 600 uses. Do not know if it is a glitch or not but when I try to backup to the card I get an error message about not enough memory when I am sure the device does not have enough data to fill the card. The card in the 600 was a 512 and was not near full. I do not think the 755p has so much more basic data that it will fill a 1 gig, so I will keep messing with the problem. Backupman is supposed to perform a total backup at 1:10 am, so I will check tomorrow morning to see how that attempt goes.

    Screen protectors. It occurred to me that electronics departments probably sell protectors, probably cut-to-fit. I was correct. Five large sheets for much less than the cost at web merchants.

    Anyhow, I post this report for what it is worth. I have received great help before from here and Brighthand. Thanks guys and gals.

    Robert in Austin, Texas
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    Well, I used backup buddy and it froze every other time (seriously, every other time as I knew when it would and wouldn't freeze). I also use the free program NV Backup and it works absolutely flawlessly. It has backedup and restored the last two of thre three 755s I've had. I finally just deleted backup buddy even though it was the one I paid for. Even backing up with both programs my 2 gig card still had 1.6 gig left and I have a lot of songs and photos on it too.

    I suggest trying NV Backup and try again. Here's the link:
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