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    I read on that palm has decimated their staff that works on the WiFi portion/software. Hope that means that it is finished and will be released. Not!
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    Why do you need wifi if you have an unlimited data plan?
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    Wi-Fi is useful if you are in an area with poor or no EVDO coverage, but Wi-Fi is available.
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    WiFi is NOT all about internet use! There are plenty of uses for WiFi in home networking that have nothing to do with a carrier's data use, and I for one am still longing to get it in my treo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WreckRman2 View Post
    Why do you need wifi if you have an unlimited data plan?
    1. EV-DO isn't always available (especially in some office structures) yet wifi may be.
    2. EV-DO gives me internet access but not direct (non-vpn) access to my own (work or home) network with network printers, storage, sync sources, databases, etc. Also, when there are 5pc's in the house + multiple hand-helds, then network storage of music, movies and school/work/personal docs becomes the most effective way of storing and retreiving data.
    3. WIFI access to the internet is still faster, in most cases, than any of the current wireless broadband options.
    4. Additionally, I and others have multi-threat management appliances at work and home providing some extra protection for the brief times that the devices are used while part of the local network.

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