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    Anyone heard of a signal booster for the home?
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    There are a bunch of them out there. Just do your research. There are multi-band and multi-frequency units that support both cdma/EV-DO and GSM and it's data flavors. Either way, get one that's just plug and go, rather than having to select frequencies. The benefits of a signal extender/amplifier not only include better reception and higher speed, but also extended battery life. Cell phones "think" they're closer to a cell tower so they don't use as much power.
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    I was looking for a signal booster that is portable, meaning there is no need to hardwire a unit on the outside of a building/car then have another receiver inside of the building. I read some things that allude to such a beast, but I've never been able to find one.

    I'm looking for one that I can use inside the building at work (and maybe at home or when traveling) as well as inside a car. Does anyone know of such a setup? TIA
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