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    Exhibit A: iPhone. Apple talked to the wallet. Apple didn't talk to ATT. If ATT had any opinions about it, the iPhone would be a bastardized conglomeration of committee-think by B-grad intellects.
    Well, that's exactly it.

    Apple strong-armed AT&T (after Verizon turned them down) into giving them everything they want including complete control over: design, features, branding, retail, servicing, activation and product updates.

    I can say a couple of things about this:

    (1) Great for Apple, about time
    (2) It's only because they have so much clout/$$$ they could do that
    (3) It will be the exception. Carriers are not about to surrender full control to OEMs

    Put it another way: Say Palm made a 700wx with Wifi for CDMA. They show it to Sprint or Verizon who say "We already have a wifi device, we can only have one. Make one without."

    Maybe that is not the case, maybe this really all is Palm (Motorola, HTC, etc.) and they just don't want to do it, but I have a feeling carriers dictate those big functions. In smartphones, Sprint has one with wifi: 6700/6800 series and one with GPS: BB. I don't think that's by chance but by design.

    The unlocked Palm phone does say something though, so it can't be completely ruled out. But like I said, the carriers have the real power here. It's not that Palm forgot who their customer was, but the nature of the business is the carriers are their bread-n-butter, especially for CDMA.

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    I would agree with Malatesta that Palm has likely compromised its designs to suit the carriers.

    That thinking -- "Give the consumer what a bunch of group-think, isolated corporate bureaucrats think the consumer wants" -- has killed Palm. Too bad.

    That's Michael Mace's blog, in which he reviews a magazine article about industrial design and talks about why Apple is successful. The money paragraph:

    The article argues that Steve Jobs improved Apple's industrial design not because he's a great designer, but because he protects the work of the company's designers from being watered down by committees and compromises.
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    lol, great article. Mace always says smart things.

    but the real money shot, imo was this quip:

    And I think his taste in software interfaces isn't as good as his taste in hardware, which is why the current Mac interface is (in my opinion) tarted up like a teenage girl just learning to apply makeup.

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    I too see this as driven by the carriers and not by Palm. I do think Treos should have built in wifi. Just like I think it should have built in GPS. The more features the merrier!
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    Carriers are the customers, Palm caters to who pays them.
    If Palm could have built a device that uses wifi as the N800 or iPhone does, then made a business case as to how wifi would increase carrier ARPU, then they would have had wifi Treos already (and the OS that it would work with).

    That quote about Jobs and Apple is telling of a lot of companies. Not all have such a visionary/evangelist that can drive successful products. Most of the time, there is someone that can make a great product, but couldn't sell you water when you are standing on the beach. Apple's ability to funnel everything thru Jobs not only protects the designers/engineers/etc. but it also gives them a particular window of creativity and innovation that is not stifled by group-think.

    Just think if companies used forums like TC to design a product, they would never sell anything of value to most consumers, just the fringe users

    Having said that, it would be nice to see wifi done on a Treo and it be efficient as on the E61i/iPhone. That's a level of product design that we haven't seen from Palm and it would be a refreshing change.
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    T-Mobile has phones out right now that have Wifi built in. The intention is that they will go VOIP when they can connect through wifi and Cellular otherwise. The plans are setup so that you have the option of paying for unlimited Wifi calls for $10/month. Calls switch seemlessly between the networks.

    And as far as data is concerned, it cannot be a reason the phone companies would not allowing wifi. T-Mobile is $30/month for unlimited data and unlimited access to its wifi hotspots. Seems to me that T-mobile would benefit from this, as you are already paying for the unlimited access, but you use wifi, and therefore not use the cellular network.

    The main reason I would like wifi access is so that when I'm traveling outside the USA, I do not pay data charges, which are excessive. Most people do not do this, so again, it cannot be the reason.
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    I pay a flat fee every month for unlimited data usage which sprint is gonna get with or without wifi. GIMME MY GXXDA$$$#### WIFI already!
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