I see that Plaxo has turned out a new version which offers OTA sync of contact data.


The website, in true Web 2.0 fashion, is content-lite and marketing-heavy. The pretty pictures look like Smartphone screens to me.

I'm not going to use it. I have an Exchange Server talking to a T-Mobile Dash (the 750 is at the mechanic for a bit of repair). I've paid the heavy tariff to have a full OTA experience.

This (Plaxo) is a piecemeal solution. "What about email?" "What about Tasks?" "What about calendar?" These gaps will be filled in time.

Here's one view of the trendline for Palm/MSFT/RIM.

MSFT's competitive position in the phone market is that they offer easy OTA sync to Exchange. They're a middleman. I have WM phones for that reason and ONLY that reason.

RIM's competitive position is the BB email network. They're a middleman. I would buy a BB except the BES is so @#$%^ expensive.

Now MSFT and RIM have competition from web services. No longer will it take a massive capital outlay to compete with MSFT and RIM.

Over the long haul that means good stuff for consumers and bad news for MSFT and RIM.

All it takes is an agnostic phone (you're not locked to Pocket Outlook, for instance) and you can get your data pushed at you from multiple sources.

Query: can Palm make an agnostic phone that plays nicely with Exchange Server as well as the virtual replacements for Exchange Server and BES?