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    I got my 650 back in Dec 06 with Alltel. I chose it because I needed a pda, liked the Palm (prior phone was Kyocera 7135), and didn't want to carry two devices. At the time, it was possible to purchase it without a data plan. I have no need of a data plan. Besides, I live in a rural area which doesn't have stable enough service for data (and definitely NO high speed).

    Last week, while visiting family in the "city," I inadvertently clicked on a link in a txt msg. It immediately signed me onto the internet through "Mobile Axcess" something or other. It's never been able to do that before. I called Alltel to see why it did, and they said my account had been audited and flagged as a smartphone, and a data plan would be added since "You are not permitted to operate a smartphone on Alltel's network without a data plan." She made me feel like l was a crook. I told her when I signed up, it was not required. She fired back that now it was, and that I should just enjoy it.

    Here's the problem: how can I "enjoy" it if I don't need it, can't use it at home because of poor coverage, AND it will cost $60/month MORE than my current plan, just to keep the same number of mobile minutes as I had before!

    I've heard talk on this forum of a "material change" in contract which might allow a person to get out of one. Would this apply in this situation? When I asked the rep, she said no. Even if it did, I would have to stay with Alltel, since it's the only provider in our area. I hate the thought of carrying two devices, I love my Treo, but is it worth $720 more per year when I can't reliably use the data (and have no need)?

    Btw, as for keeping my Treo and using it just for the pda stuff, and getting a cheap phone, the rep told me there was no way I could keep my Treo if I terminated early

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    No advice, but it seems that Alltel's new slogan is "Shut Up and Take Your Love"?
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    More like "Shut up and take our love"
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    Sounds like you are in a bit of device lock in because of your carrier. You should be able to explain to them (ask for someone in retentions or at leat level 2 customer support/manager) that you do not want to use the data and would like that taken off of your account. While they can say that you cannot purchase a device without the data plan, you using it or not should not be something they can change -- granted, I don't know the language in your user agreement with them, and that just might be there.

    As for not being able to keep your Treo, the rep was lying to you. The problem is that you wouldn't be easily able to keep it on Alltel per your situation. I'd personally recommend moving to another carrier, this is most definitely a situation where a carrier is trying to keep you locked in because of the device you want.
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    I don't think Alltel has a retention department.
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    Thanks for all the input. I'll try talking to them again on Monday. They may not have a retentions department, per se, but I'm sure there's gotta be someone who acts in that role, even without the "title." As for moving to another carrier, unfortunately there isn't another one with coverage in our area (rural Nebraska) -- Alltel is it (and I think they probably know it... )
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    Interesting. I see the "game" they are playing if it truley is that they are the only game in town. I would check out Sprint and VZW and see if you could stand the romaning rates. If so, Sprint might be the way to go if they work there any. If not, I am not sure other than retentions (level 2 or above customer service) what would be a possible solution for you.

    The sticky is that you opted into a program, that part is where they will kinda get you. If you can prove that you did not know what it is that you were opting into, or that the device did not make it clear that you were clicking on a link that would change your account, you might have a good case there.
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    UPDATE: I spoke with Alltel "retentions" this morning (they don't call it that, but if you call cust serv and select the option for "disconnect service," that's who you get). She indicated everything I was told by the CSR was correct, that in order to use any smartphone on Alltel's network, it is REQUIRED to have a data plan.

    However, since Alltel permitted the sale of the phone sans data (apparently erroneously on their part?!?) back in Dec. 06, they would grandfather my plan to remain as voice only, as long as I continue using the current phone. However, if I change to a different smartphone at any point, then I would need to have a data plan (fair enough, at least for Alltel -- I'm aware that other carriers don't require a data plan, but make it an option). So, I guess I'll be babying my 650 to get it to last, until at least the data coverage improves in my area enough to be able to even make use of it.

    Btw, how do Alltel's prices compare with the competition? $110/month seems a bit pricey (1200 voice minutes, limited "unlimited" data, with no txt or pic msging included)?

    Thanks again for the input, and the advice to follow up with somebody "higher up."
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    Good to hear you got it sorted out. But damn are they pricey. I have T-Mobile and I pay $39.99 (1500 minutes with free nights & weekends) plus $4.99 for 400 text messages (video/image included) & $5.99 for unlimited internet.
    My total bill including taxes come out to roughly $65.
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    That is a bit pricey, but if its the only carrier around then you don't have much of a choice. For comparison, I have one of the Sprint SERO plans. I pay about $50/mo (taxes included) for 1250 anytime minutes, free roaming, unlimited N&W, Unlimited Text Messages & Picturemail and Unlimited Powervision (data/Internet), full insurance. If I did not have my discounts, I would pay about $60 plus taxes.
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    You may want to search on here for how to set-up your Treo so it can not ever, even accidently, connect to data. (There are ways involving fooling the unit to try a non-existing connection.) That way you won't be surprised by an expensive bill in case you or some software you have accidently tries to connect.

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    I'm also an Alltel user and ended up buying the Starcom PPC 6700 a little while back, although now I think I wish I would have got the Treo.

    Alltel didn't tell me about being "forced" to buy the data plan until I sat down to sign the contract. I almost got up and left, but then the rep told me that you only have to keep the data plan for 6 months.

    After that you can drop it and Alltel won't bother you again. I guess they figure if you don't fall in love with it by then, then they might as well let you drop it. I know this is no longer a problem for you, but hopefully it will help all those others out there.

    I love my alltel phone. Especially because I can pay $5/month extra for a most often called number, which is not advertised any more. That lets me call one number as much as I want. Other than that, I only pay for the cheapest nationwide plan and 500 txt messages. It's not bad. The problem is that I call 1 number A LOT (almost 1500 min/month) and this lets me do it for the cheapest rate possible.

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