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    1. Its always been weird to me that Resco back up or any other back up program that I'm aware of backs up your phone to your card with out there being an easy way to back up the card. So your card is almost always in your phone, so if you lose your phone Resco is worthless.

    Now I know that the card reader program makes moving your info from your card to the cpu easy but I dont think this well known by people who don't read forums like this. Also this process is something you have to remember to do (so Resco automatically backs up your phone to something that is a part of your phone, and then you have to remember to take it to the next step). So why don't these companies take it to the next step. Like resco would get backed up to your cpu during a hot sync or something.

    2. Then to take it to the next level after that, what are your thoughts about sites like that automatically back up your hard drives via the internet and keep your data off site. I have a external hardrive but again this is something you have to remember to do, hook up to my laptop, etc.......

    3. Have any of you tried Carbonite.

    4. Should I be considering a different service or way of backing up my laptop.
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    NV Backup not only backsup to a card but also to any FTP server that you like. I never realized that resco did not have that functionality.
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    sorry, whats a ftp server.

    and what do you guys think about the Carbonite idea. I know its not treo related but this is my technology outlet
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    The FTP server option allows the device to send data to a specific location...

    Anyway, BackupBuddy is designed to back up the device and the card and it works ok. The thing with the card though is time! Many of us keep lots of stuff on the card and backing up the entire card may take lots of time. BackupBuddy has an option to backup specific folders from the card.

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    Anybody know anything about Carbonite
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    are u looking for something like this?

    this program backs up your card to your PC when u hotsync

    u can also sync the other way as well, from pc to card

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