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    my treo 700 vibrates waaaaaay too ****ing hard

    I think I'll pass on the treo 800, even if it has all the mystical elements of the htc kaiser; I could definitely use more screen real estate because having to scroll through virtually any program, document, web page that shows up no matter how little is presented is pretty damn annoying on a subconscious, brain-hemorrhage inducing level.
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    Things I would like:

    - fast os, like PalmOS, with a better look
    - GSM, CDMA is not available here in Europe
    - Wifi, UMTS, HSDPA and Edge are way to expensive. Edge is not available in The Netherlands anymore.
    - UMTS, HSDPA, for those who want to use it.
    - built-in GPS adapter would be nice, but not necessary
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