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    Anyone try this out yet? I read through the terms and conditions, and other than being very "big-brother"-ish, I didn't see anything negative about it. Is it too good to be true?
    website is
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    It's true. I received a check from them but have since not had it on my phone. Not because it caused any problems, just because I forgot to re-install it after a hard reset and I haven't gotten back to it since.
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    Good to know someone has gotten what they were promised - I'll try it out. I figure, might as well get paid for doing something you already do. Its like free money.
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    I just received a $15 check! Pretty good for just installing software (and sending usage statistics).
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    How do you register? I couldn't find this on the website.
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    I guess they took down the registration page - the FAQ says that some companies may offer invitations to their visitors:

    I don't know how to get an invitation, I just went to the page while the registration was active, and it let me sign up.
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    I registered about a year ago. So all I had to do was update my account info and reinstall the software. That's an extra $75.00 a year for just doing what I do. Thanks for the friendly reminder.

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