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    Anyone sent off for this yet? Got anything back?

    Is this decent software and hardware?
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    Is this decent software and hardware?
    There are a lot of posts about Tomtom software (try searching and browse through them). I use it in the US all the time. Wouldn't make a trip without it. Assume the UK version is equally good. If your Treo purchase qualifies you for the offer, I would certainly recommend you take advantage of it.
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    Like jrfaris, I use TomTom for trips in the US and like the way it works. Since the company is based in Europe (I think Netherlands) I'd espect it to work well there, too. Just got a map update -- free -- to keep the roads up to date.

    The only thing that bugs me is how the navigator defaults to about a 1/4 mile view. I'd prefer a 5 to 10 mile look ahead for highway driving. When I zoom out, the screen only holds the big view for a minute, then zooms itself back in.

    Since I use the Treo as a PDA all the time, its cache is usually too full to load TomTom until I do a reset.

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