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    Is there any way to syncronize / replicate the Treo memo pad over the air with some service that then lets you look at / edit your memos via a web site, and then sync those changes back?

    A treo app other than the memo pad that serves the same purpose would be fine too.

    Alternatively, is there any free/open source software I could run on an internet-connected computer that would allow me to sync my memos with that computer (with or without a web interface)?

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    I think you can accomplish something similar using Sied and Lftp (or similar apps).

    Sied is a text editor. You can upload text files (or any files) to any server to which you have FTP rights. I'm not aware of an web-enabled text editor.

    Perhaps you could set-up a "wiki" sight to enable online editting.

    I know it's not exactly what you're looking for. Hopefully it helps in some way.

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