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    Is there a non-PIM calendar program with its own conduit which can work in addition to the native calendar?

    I'm a very heavy user of the Treo 650's built-in calendar, using several categories for personal and business use, syncing frequently with the Palm Desktop app. (Don't cringe, it's just an old habit.)

    Now I want to install a second calendar program for a completely different purpose, and want to ensure that those calendar entries could never merge with my PIM entries. That's why I presume a 3rd party app which comes with its own conduit is the key to keeping things separate.

    Bottom line: can two separate calendar programs, with their own conduits, co-exist on one Palm? If so, any suggestions for the third party app?

    Thanks in advance. I use a Treo 650 and use the Palm's HotSync to my OS X Macs running Palm Desktop 4.2.1.
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    Interesting question, and Ill be eager to see replies. I cant see why its not possible but whether its been implemented is another thing

    I use Datebook6 for most of my calendaring, but also use BlueMoon (not a full-fledged calendar, but has some of those functions) for a whole range of minor recurring appointments (reminders) that I dont want showing up in Outlook. But it doesnt have a conduit which it sounds like you want.


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    Yes, but you have to use Outlook and something like KeySuite or PocketMirror XT. Then in Outlook you can add how ever many calenders you want. Not sure how this would work on a Mac.
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    You can use the built in PIM apps with the Palm desktop (as you already do). Then Beyond Contacts with Outlook. Unlike Adgendus, Beyond Contacts uses its own PIM data base, so it shouldn't conflict.
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    Key Suite uses its own databases as well, so they do not conflict with the normal conduits or databases.
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    I think too that Clear Sync (used to be Wesync) offers this or something like this - I could be wrong.
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    Years ago I used Dataviz's Beyond Contacts. It had its own separate calendar database that did not interfere with the built in calendar.
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    I can confirm the previous posters that Beyond Contacts synched to M.S. Outlook will be entirely separate from the Palm Desktop calendar. I use this myself. However, my opinion is that I find the interface of Beyond Contact's calendar function to be crude and simplistic...but it does work.
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    Many thanks to all of you who weighed in on this topic. I have been researching all of your suggestions plus spent a great deal of time searching alternate options.

    The most promising prospect seems to be Beyond Contacts but they only write for Windows platforms, as does KeySuite, and I use Macs.

    I tried BlueMoon even though it's not really a calendar program and doesn't offer a desktop version, and I hated it and had no use for it and deleted it. Then every day I came across more and more items for which I thought, "Hey, BlueMoon would be perfect for that!" So I re-loaded it and am using and relying on it daily, although not as a solution to my calendar problem. I have archived many out-dated events from my calendar to BlueMoon where they are rapidly accessible and indexed. It doesn't have a conduit but can export everything as plain text, so no fear of ever losing the ability to read the raw data should the program become unusable at some point.

    To sum up, I have petitioned Beyond Contacts to provide a Mac version, I have discovered a myriad of uses for the little BlueMoon app, and I still don't have a second calendar app to run alongside the built-in Palm app.
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    I think ClearSync is what you are after. Check them out before you go out and buy a separate program. ClearSync does charge a yearly fee but they have great tech support for their product.

    We use this in our office. You can share whatever calendars you want to share. It will load its own calendar program and contact program onto your Treo (separate from your Palm Calendar program, though somehow linked so be sure to read up on it).

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    Another application that may be worth looking at if you are interested in independent calenders: Cloner - I have been using it for multiple calenders (myself and my wife) and it works well.

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    I assume the original poster was asking about applications that would only reside on the device and desktop. If that is a requirement this suggestion is not helpful.

    There are web-based free calendaring systems out there. One is by Google. I think it is, but not sure, and I think Google has a mobile version. Anyhow, it is free and a lot can be done with it. I imagine there are others such as in Yahoo.

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