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    Palm is finally paying the price for years and years of catastrophic mismanagement. Lack of innovation (e.g. the archaic Palm OS) and poor "future vision" (e.g. Foleo) have caught up with them.

    And now there's iPhone. It'll show Palm what they could have achieved if they had taken things seriously.

    I love my Treo 680, but it's definitely the last Palm product I'll ever own.
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    I'm still at Palm, and expect to be a for a long time...

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    If palm had concentrated on making our current Smartphones smarter. and putting the monies into Treo design & development, we would have already had our Treo 900's with internal GPS, dual CDMA, GSM, AD2P with True voice dialing along with Win Mobile & the same Treo specs. Palm would have King of the Market. I might also mention a phone with no LAG as the 700P post MR & Treo 755 still suffer from. I tried the 755p and would have kept cept for the lag. will add to this post later and be edited,

    I am back at a laptop now. while doing the above post, my Treo 700p post maint released lagged at least 15 times. I do not understand why Palm cannot get it right. Why still no voice dialing? BT that works. Releasing a 2nd phone (Treo 755p) with the inherent lag. Losing the SD card. Palm is going to lose on release of the smartphone and they are not able to compete. Are they going to release the Linux/OS with the same lag. The new design to be released leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe they will do better with the release of the 800W, maybe it will be snappier with Win Moble 6. They are behind the 8 ball now.
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    Your words make me feel more relief and though I dont know what u r working on I know for sure it will be awesome.
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