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    I'm looking to switch from my TX, phone and dictaphone to a Treo 755P. I have a couple of questions.

    1. Is the dictaphone function very easy to access and is it easy to use? I don't want to do a lot of convoluted button pushing.
    2. Does the Treo phone and pda sections operate separately powerwise. What I mean is, my phone takes a long time to turn on while my PDA is on instantly. Would I have to have the phone always on to access my PDA quickly? I won't likely have the phone on when I'm at home, but I often use my PDA. Will I be frustrated always waiting for the PDA section to turn on?

    I've never used a Treo so I'm not familiar with how they operate.

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    Can't answer about the dictaphone... but the PDA section is always on. Even when the "phone" is off. No waiting for the PDA.

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    1 What is a dictaphone?

    2 No, they are one and the same. Press button, half second lag and it will be on.
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    A Dictaphone is a hand-held recording device made by Dictaphone and they make bunches of other things. Anyway, there are a number of applications that do well with recording on the Treo series. I use CallRec and PAR Pro. You can turn the radio/phone off and still use the Treo.

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    I use CallRec and had to update from 3.0 to 4.0. It wasn't working as fast as it did on the 650 but now upgraded it's working great on the 755. The 755 already comes with a recording voice memo pad built in.
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    The quality of the default recording application is not too hot. I prefer PAR Pro by Toysoft -

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    Thanks for all the info. I'm glad the Treo pda is in ready mode. It would be tough waiting for it turn on with the phone.

    I use a Sony IC digital voice recorder to take messages and notes. If the treo can do this easily, that's all I need - just simple record and playback.


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