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    anyone know how to unfreeze 650 stuck on hotsync?
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    need more details. during what phase does it freeze? if it is contacts or datebook? iff so, "dbscan" could do some cleaning up in your palm and get rid of the sync freeze.
    at the moment, i thing that a reset is your only way to escape the freeze.
    hope you get helped.
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    dbscan is your answer, I haven't used it on my 755, but on my 700...always.
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    Okay, what is a dbscan? 650 is stuck on the hotsync page. tries to connect but never engages. sometimes a screen pops up and says i have too much data. tried a soft reset, no luck. can't get it to connect with PC or to get off that page to transfer data to card. broke down today and bought a new treo755p. am hoping that someday I will be able to get all of my info off of my old 650. Pictures and video off my daughters newborn NICU days and all my contacts and well you know the LIFE is on that phone
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    see if this thread helps you.

    let me try and understand. is your treo stuck for ever on the hotsync page even if you do a soft reset by removing the battery and inserting it again? this actually cannot be possible according to my palm experience until now.

    in case you are able to access files on your treo, try bluetothing or infraredding the important data over to another device (your 755p for example) or simply copying whatever possible to sd card.
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    Your palm experience has changed. even with a soft reset and removing the battery etc etc it is forever on the hotsync page trying to connect then telling me it cannot connect then trying again. I can get it to go to the phone page or calendar for 1 second (probably less than that) and then it is back to the hotsync trying desperately to connect. it's as if it is lost in the recesses of it's mind in a mental ward of its own making.
    can not access files, at least up to now but they are still there. been a bad month for tech stuff, computer crashed and the geek squad promised to back up the files especially the palm stuff but looks as if they failed to actually do so. so really EVERYTHING is on that treo!!!!
    thank you for the help. any other suggestions?
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    thats nightmarish.
    try a warm reset:

    hope you get some help somehow. i too have too much important info on my treo and am unable to imagine losing it. i try and backup to my card as often as possible.

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