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    With Palm looking at using Linux, how will this affect syncing with Apple computers? I can not use a Moto Q as it will not sync because of MS.

    If Linux will not work where do we go??? I can not get AT&T (Cingular) in my area as of today.
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    You can sync a Q with a Mac, you're just forced to buy something like MissingSync to do it.

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    MissingSync is pretty good. They stay on top of their software.

    I wonder if they will have MissingSync to sync an iPhone to XP/Vista??
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    Is the Missing Sync worth the $30-40?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bulls96 View Post
    Is the Missing Sync worth the $30-40?
    No, it's not worth $40 in my opinion, it'd be better priced at around $20-$25. It still feels like it has a little ways to go. Not that it isn't a good piece of software, but it just feels steep.
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    Just make sure you check out MS message boards, I have read problems with their new 6.0 update, I have had MS since my 600 and it has been flawless for me, I also do not jump on the update bandwagon, I always wait a few months.

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